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AMEX Reward Card – Amex card is a card that is specifically designed to give rewards, travel benefits, cashback, etc to help people differently. It also gives credit points for your every purchase depending on your spending. Amex is a transnational financial survive that helps people financially by giving credit scores. It is one of the best financial helpings services worldwide. You may easily redeem your reward card. Only by logging in and adding up some details may competently redeem it.

AMEX Reward Card

AMEX Reward Card

Amex reward card was given by American Express and it is one of the biggest multinational corporations. This was founded in the year 1850. And it is founded in Buttalo, New York, NY, USA. And it is known worldwide. The general CEO of this company is Stephen J. Squeri and Jeffrey C. Campbell. The owner of this company is Berkshire Hathaway. This company allocates a card called an amex reward card to support the people to get more rewards and raise their credit scores. Its headquarters are at Vesey Street, Battery Park, New York City, New York, NY, USA

Amex card officially requires good credit with needed financial status. If a person who has their credit low is strictly not permitted to get this card. It requires a credit of above 680. Others are not permitted.

This article will clearly explain a way to get this card and make use of it. After when a card reaches out to you, it needs initiation to work with it.

Since after moving to the strides that are followed to work this card, we see some basic principles employed for it.

Basic principles:

  • For this first, you need to have Internet gadgets which are to be a laptop, PC, etc with a decent connection with Internet
  • You need to conclude the age of eighteen years ago. If you do not attain that age of 18 you are not authorized to get this card
  • For card application, your American Express account is essential to fill
  • It also requires needed subjective data with essential indications.
  • For card generation, your entire card data is needed for it
  • It also needs your entire personal information
  • You have to set your user id and pin for your security
  • If you are inhabited the United States you may only able to apply for this card.
  • There is also a language preferable box on the home page of this card you may select it either Spanish or English

Card application:

For this card application, you must have the desired account on American Express.  There are mostly two paths that are used to get your card, that is you may register it online or you may visit the bank directly.

  • If you want to register for your card online then visit the menu page of American Express
  • Then touch the menu bar, on that, there are many options furnished
  • Choose the rewards on the card option and open it
  • On that page, there is information about amex card also terms and conditions are furnished
  • Then you have to apply for it by clicking the apply option
  • Then fill in all the basic essential subjective data along with the American Express account details
  • Then read and accept all the terms and privacy settings given
  • Then your application process is finalized and a card will reach you within short days
  • There is also another path and to apply for your card that is you may directly make attendance to the nearest bank and follow the tutor guidance to finalize your application
  • Then the card will reach you shortly

When you get your card through the mail you have to activate it for utilizing it.

AMEX Reward Card

Activation pathways:

Rigidly there are three ways are accessible to get initiate your card. The pathways are you may do it by online initiating method or by calling a helpline or by installing the mobile app. These are the routes to achieve your initiation process

Online initiating method:

  • To finish this method you have to type a <URL> of amex reward card on the web browser
  • Then click the activation option available and open it
  • On that page, you need to give detailed information about your card which you have recently received and you may also add your account number
  • Then film your entire personal data needed on the necessary box
  • Then create a user id and pin and verify it
  • After that, your card is initiated and you will use it further

Helpline service:

  • There is another way that exists to initiate your card
  • Dial – 1-800-443-1188
  • Then you need to say your card initiation to the helpline tutor
  • Then they ask your all necessary data along with your account
  • Then you may also be obliged to give your subjective data along with essential confirmation
  • Then you need to set your id and pin
  • Then your card is instigated and use for your purchases

Installing mobile app:

  • For this, you need to install the required app from the play store
  • Then you need to open the app and set up your pin
  • Then on the following page, you need to choose an account option
  • The main important thing is you must have an account on American Express
  • Then on that tab, you need to select the “Activate” option
  • Then fill in the entire card credentials along with the photocopy of the credit card which the details are finished
  • Then on the following page make the procedures complete by furnishing subjective data
  • Then you have to set id and passkey
  • Then you need to set a pin by verifying the OTP
  • Then your card is immediately initiated

AMEX Reward Card

Contact addresses:

Helpline service number:

Dial- 1-800-443-1188

Mailing Address:

Po Box 650448,

Dallas, TX 75265-0448, USA


Amex reward card is the best reward card that helps the consumer in all ways. I wish this writing will desire help and get your suspicious clear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the credit score needed for an amex reward card?

Answer:    For this card, you need a credit score of above 680

  1. Where the amex card headquarters are situated?

Answer:    It is headquartered at Battery Park, New York City, NY, USA

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