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Myvanilladebitcard.com –  My vanilla is a prepaid MasterCard. by using the card you can make your payment very easy and secure. by using vanilla debit card you can manage your purchases by using a single card. You can fill all the required details to register and activate your vanilla debit card by online so there is no need to fill any paper forms.

myvanilladebitcard.com – Get Bonus

My vanilla debit card can be used everywhere bad debit cards are accepted. It can be also used where we start a bit cards or master cards are  accepted. By using direct deposit you can easily add your funds to your card.  You can easily protect your card from liability. You are all so have the option of alerting you by text when you use your card.

You can also see whether the card is used without your permission by  the alert message given.  My vanilla is  great for daily purchases. you can use the card at any nations in the world. You can load the cash up to $500. There is no credit check while accessing your account.

You can use your debit card everywhere at the ATM’s. You can load your card via direct deposit. It is a personalized card. The cards are issued by the Bancorp bank or MetaBank. My Vanilla is a prepaid cards which are issued by the TBBK card services. 


To get your Vanilla debit card follow the below steps carefully,

  • If you didn’t register for your debit card you cannot use it
  • So you must first register and get your vanilla debit card
  • By using some features you can also use the card without registering but there are some restrictions
  • The unregistered vanilla debit card cannot be used in online or at ATM’s.
  • You can get your vanilla debit card by registering at the website of the vanilla
  • You can activate your vanilla debit card by visiting the website of the vanilla page Of myvanilladebitcard.com
  • Or otherwise by calling the toll free number that is printed on the backside of your vanilla debit card you can be able to activate your card
  • At the time of activation you must give your 16 digit card number, Social Security number, etc correctly
  • The personal details include your full name and your date of birth which must be given correctly in the verification process 
  • You can also request for your sign to be printed at the back of the card during  the application process.


  • To get access to your debit card you must have a account in the bank
  • Your pin number will not be given with the card
  • The pin number can be any four digit code which can be selected by the card user
  • You are free to call the customer service only from Monday to Friday Of Myvanilladebitcard.com
  • If you need to deactivate your card you must reset your pin and visit the website www.onevanilla.com are you can cancel it by calling the customer service number 1877 770 6408
  • After choosing your four digit pin number you must take the responsibility of maintaining the pin code secret with you
  • You should not request an additional card for another person
  • If you request  additional card for another person you are responsible for the transactions and all other details made by the additional card user
  • You must be at least 18 years of age are older than that to hold the card
  • You must be a citizen of United States or residing in the 50 states of the United states
  • The personal information that you provide with  the connection to the card must be true , correct and complete
  • You must not use the card to obtain cash from POS device
  • If the card is lost or stolen your account will be closed until the company sends a replacement card
  • Once you receive your replacement card you must activate it once again.   


  • You can easily access to your funds at millions of ATM’s all over the world
  • By 
  • using the my vanilla mobile app you can manage your account, you are transactions, your account access, etc
  • You can get your name to be printed on your debit card with no extra cost
  • The  withdrawal  fee at the ATM is only $1.95 .
  • There is no direct deposit
  • You must pay $3.95  for dormancy fee per month
  • You can reload your transaction fee up to $3.95 
  • There is no monthly fee and there is no fee obtained for the activation of your my vanilla debit card
  • The transaction fee obtained by the vanilla company is lesser than the transaction fees obtained by the other companies
  • Your card can hold the maximum amount of $9999.99  
  • The daily spending limit is $5000
  • The ATM withdrawals can be carried out up to $2000 per day


My vanilla debit cards are issued by the Meta Bank. Meta Bank is situated in United States. it offers traditional banking services to its customers. the company was founded in the year 1954. the main focus of the company is to serve the agricultural and business depositor’s. 

It is a public bank. It is a financial servicing corporation. The company was incorporated in Delaware 27 years ago. The founder of the company is Stanley H. Haahr. The headquarters of the company is situated in Sioux falls, South Dakota, United States. it is successful in servicing the people all over the world. Brad Hanson is the president and the chief executive of the company. 

FAQ’S : Of myvanilladebitcard.com

  • Who owns the Meta Bank ?

       The meta bank is owned by the meta Financial Group corporations. The headquarters of the meta bank is in South Dakota.

  • How to check my balance on my vanilla App?

        By using my vanilla mobile app you can view your account status everywhere which also helps you to check your balance anytime

  • Can I use ATM with My Vanilla card ?

         Yes you can use ATM with your vanilla debit card but you must pay the withdrawal fees of 1.95 dollar

  •  How do I check my debit card balance?

          you can check your balance at automated customer service, by visiting the website, emails or by using the mobile app etc

  • How much can I withdraw from my vanilla debit card ?

            you can withdraw up to the sum of  $2000

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