Rapid Paycard Activation – Welcome to the Rapid Pay card

Rapid Paycard Activation – Rapid pay card is mainly created to help you and receive monthly payments. It acts as a prepaid card and it is also designed like a prepaid card and there is no credit check is needed for this card. You may also transmit and collect money from this card but this card is mainly designed to get the monthly payments.

Rapid Paycard Activation

Rapid Paycard Activation

Many of us are suffering from a lack of monthly payments whether transmitting late or any weekends, etc. You may also look and waiting for your monthly salary for your quickest needs. Don’t bother about this type of situation, because a rapid pay card is there to help you.  You may also have unnecessary spending of money. At that time you are waiting for your salary to spend on it. So get this card to avoid such circumstances, and manage your needs with it.

This card is mainly issued by Green Dot Bank and it also makes an organization achieve this process successfully. This card is founded in 2003 by Brain Slowik. Its headquarters are in Tampa, FL, USA. The CEO of this card and who maintains this entire organization is Ron Hyres.

You may also use this card at ATM to withdraw your salary. For this, you first have to ask your manager or proprietor to lend this card to you.

If you are an employee then this card will definitely help you to get benefits

Ahead of this we first look at some of the ordinances and laws beyond it


  • One of the first important statutes is you must have an Internet gadget which is to be laptop, PC, smartphones, etc
  • The electronic Internet tools with a good connection to the internet are desired
  • Have to complete the age of 18 years. If you are below 18 you may not able to attend it
  • You must be a proper employee or proprietor to get this card because it is mainly used for getting a monthly salary
  • To enjoy its features you must have to pertain for it
  • Subsequently, if you get your card you have to generate your card to make it use
  • There are some details that are needed for this card application and card generation
  • One of the main important note is you must have an employment certificate to finish these processes
  • That is personal credentials, financial status, employment certificate with an authorized organization, etc.
  • This is only applicable for a person who is the proper occupants of the United States
  • There is also a preferred language box which is to be English or Spanish
  • If you are searching for an online rapid pay card then visit the legal website rapidfs.com

Card application:

  • If you want a rapid pay card for your monthly salary benefits then apply to this card and get it to finish this process and get into visualizing your benefits of rapid pay card
  • This card application is mandatory to use this
  • Rapid pay card application can only be done by a manager or administrator
  • For this first, you have to send a request to your manager or administrator to get allocate this card
  • You may also ask it directly or via mail, etc
  • Then the manager or administrator issues an application form you have to fill it and hand over it
  • You may be obliged to fill in all the basic information about your residential address and your entire bio
  • Then you may also be assigned to fill your employment status with an authorized organizations
  • Then handover this to its representative
  • Then the card will reach you in bout 7 to 10 days.

Thereon by fetching this card via registered mail you first remember to generate it to operate further

Rapid Paycard Activation

Activation paths:

  • Mainly there are two ways are available to generate your card
  • These paths are also similar to other card activation. The two types of card generation procedures are,
  1. Online activation path
  2. Calling helpline service
  • These are the paths that are used to generate your card. These are illustrated below with the essential strides
  • For this card initiation, you have to take your rapid pay card in your hand and proceed further

Online activation path:

  • Take your internet devices and open a web browser
  • And type an authorized link given by them rapidfs.com
  • Then click activate option from the menu bar on the home page
  • Then enter the card number, security number, and all entire card details along with your PIN
  • Then you need to type the subjective information needed on the necessary boxes
  • Then set your id and password for logging in which is used after
  • Then submit it. Then you will receive a message about your initiation and you may use your card for your salary purposes

Calling helpline services:

  • This path is done by creating a call to the helpline service number
  • Dial – 1-877-380-0980
  • Then tell the instructor about your activation purpose
  • Then they will entrust you some legal policies
  • You have to agree with it
  • Then they will lead you to finish this card initiation process
  • They will ask about your whole card circumstances which are printed on the rapid pay card
  • Then they also ask about subjective information
  • Then by finalizing all these circumstances, they let your card be initiated.

If you want to send or receive the amount you may log in to your account and easily done this. You may also use ATM for sending and receiving money. With this card, your monthly salary is automatically credited to your account of this card and you may take or transmit it for your purposes.

Customer services:

Helpline service number :

Dial- 1-877-380-0980

Email Address:


Rapid Paycard Activation


This card is really beneficial for the people who are an employee if the certain organization. You may also transmit your salary packages to others. This article is about rapid pay cards and I wish you will understand around this card and it’s a card initiation process.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Rapid pay card is used for what purposes?

Answer:   It is mainly used by an employee to get their monthly income

  1. If you get to lose your card in some situations then what happens?

Answer: Your card is completely protected because there is a login panel on the home page. After the card gets lose or stolen call the helpline service and move it’s further.

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