Walmart Visa Gift Card Activation – Check Gift Card Balance

walmart visa gift card activation – Walmart gift card is a best of all gift cards. This card is preloaded. Money is specifically packed and preloaded on the gift card which we choose for our needs. By preloading the amount to the gift card we can easily choose and opt for our desired card and it also acts like debit cards. Unlike Walmart credit and master cards these cards are only owned at Walmart store and you can apply this only for your purchases and payments at Walmart store. Walmart store is a great and big retail store which is at the United States. This is also owned in the state of Puerto Rico.

Walmart Visa Gift Card Activation

Walmart Visa Gift Card Activation

This store gives a card called Walmart gift card which is only prohibited to use at Walmart store and Walmart store only issue this card to enhance the experience and popular visit for the customers. It is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA

This card is nearly valuable and helpful to the people who are the formal customer of Walmart store. This store gives two types of cards one is without activation and with activation.

If you want a card without activation it comes under a low budget and you can redeem it shortly. For this, you have to pay for the gift card which is under $250. For this, no activation is needed and you can load your amount up to the maximum of your card limit

If you are looking for a high budget with more experience you may opt for a card with activation. For this, you have to pay for the gift card which is above $250. This type requires activation and you may load your amount like debit card up to date the maximum limit that the gift card had.  If you choose a card with a high budget then you will load the maximum amount that belongs to your choice and the maximum limit that the card had.

If you are looking for a low budget then choose the first type and it doesn’t require any activation. If you want high appropriation then your card needs activation which is discussed in this article. We also explain the login procedures that the card has and the steps to do this.

On behalf of this, we see some rules that belong to this card.


  • Should connect with proper connection with internet with devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • A person who is below the age of 18 are not able to contribute to this and you not able to get this card
  • If the inhabitants of the United States and Puerto Rico are only eligible to get this card
  • For getting this card you have to apply for it through online or by choosing the card via visiting the Walmart
  • If you choose a card for a high budget then you have to activate your card
  • For card activation, you may produce the necessary data for clear activation
  • You may also select wished languages it is either English or Spanish.

How to get a card:

There are mainly two ways are available to get your card. The first way is you may directly visit the Walmart store and apply for your card depending on the type of budget you need. The second method is you may visit the online weblink of the official website and apply for this card. For the first method, you may reach the store and apply for the card by reaching the instructor for help. And in the second process, you need to follow some steps to complete it.

  • For the online method, you compelled to go to the online website
  • Then need to choose your opt gift card with your desired budget
  • Then need to give your particular data along with essential confirmations that it needs
  • Then you need to choose the design of the card
  • Then you have to submit it by providing the details required for it
  • Then you will get your card soon

After when you get your card then you have to initiate it. If you choose your card below $250 then you don’t have to do any activation and you will use your card directly. If you choose above $250 then you need to activate your card. The illustrations for this card initiation is stepped below

Card initiation:

Especially there are three ways are available to initiate your card. The ways are

  • Online initiation
  • By calling helpline
  • Directly visit the store

walmart visa gift card activation

Online initiation:

  • To do this activation you need to go to the official link of the Walmart store
  • Then select the activation option available on the menu page
  • Then you need to provide a card number, your name, and all card details
  • Then personal information is also needed for your card initiation process
  • After finishing all these details then you need to submit it
  • Then your card is initiated and you will be informed soon about it

By calling helpline:

  • For this process, you need to make a call to the helpline service
  • Dial – 1-800-411-7942
  • Then you have to inform about your card initiation to the service tutor
  • Then they will connect your card to the required authorities
  • Then you have to say all the details required like all the particular card details and personal data
  • Then they will initiate your card and you will use it for your purpose at the Walmart store

walmart visa gift card activation

Directly visit the store:

  • For this type, you need to visit the nearby store
  • Then ask the instructor to lend the information about activation
  • And they will work for you and get your card activated
  • After that, you will work with your card as you wish

Contact address:

Helpline number:

Dial – 1-800-411-7942

Email Address:


So this is the process that you need to get your card and activate it. This card is only limited to use at the Walmart store and you can redeem your card when was your filled amount was drained. I wish this writing will give a clear explanation about Walmart gift card

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Where can I redeem a Walmart gift card?

Answer:     You may redeem your gift card at the Walmart store or online

  1. What is the mailing address of The Walmart gift card?

Answer:     Po Box 530927,  Atlanta, GA 30353-0927

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