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www.citicards.com – Citi card is a credit card. It is registered as a MasterCard which gives many benefits to its users. Citi credit card is the only card where there is no penalty fees. The card offers a various benefits to its customers than other credit cards have.

The city credit cards have the cash back points. It also gives the travel cuts to its customers which have a low annual percentage rate on its transfers. The Citi cards have various discovering features.

By comparing with all the credit cards you can easily choose the city credit card as the best in the credit card.  The city credit card has a 16 digit card number, the name of the card holder , at the back of the card you can see the service number and your Social Security number.

www.citicards.com – Get Discount

The Citi card is incorporated with a magnetic strip which enables safety measures to the cardholder. As a Citi card user you can earn up to 2% cash back on the purchases at Costco shop. Among 26,689 reviews, the card has got about 4.5 points out of five.

The Citi card has also have its double cash credit card, Citi diamond preferred credit card, visa credit card, business credit card, Citi premier credit card, Citi prestige credit card, Citi secured MasterCard, Citi security credit card, Citi advantage platinum cardand Citi world elite Master Card.


For the activation and increasing your credit limit of your Citi credit card follow the below steps. There are three ways for the activation of your Citi credit card. They are you can activate it by Internet banking, mobile application and customer care.

  • For the activation of your Citi credit card by using Internet banking first log into the website of the Citibank by using your user ID and your pin number۔
  • Now click the option of card activation in the menu bar۔
  • Now enter the details such as your date of birth, your password and your PIN number۔
  • After the verification of your OTP your card will be activated۔
  • By using the Citi mobile app in the credit card option first verify by receiving OTP۔
  • By creating your User ID and password and proceed for another۔
  • Now your Citi credit card will be activated۔
  • By Calling the customer service number 1860 210 2484 from Monday to Saturday you can activate your Citi credit card۔
  • By requesting the Citibank over the phone by dialing the number 800 950 5114 or by using your Citi mobile app you can request for your credit limit increase from the Citi group.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS Of www.citicards.com:

  • To get your Citi credit card your credit score must be greater than 750
  • The minimum age to get a Citi credit card must be 21
  • The maximumage to get a Citi credit card must be 65
  • You must possess a working status to get a city credit card
  • Your address, income and your employment proof to be given at the time of registration must be correct
  • You can use the card to pay EMI only for the selected companies under the mentioned a level
  • If you delay to pay the installment at correct time then you must pay the extra interest that will be added to your account
  • Do not share your secret code number with others
  • One card must be used to buy one individual only
  • You can call the customer service in need of help only from Monday to Saturday on 9:00 AM to 7: 00 PM
  • In case if the card is lost inform the Citibank customer service as soon as possible


As a user of Citi credit card you enjoy a lot of benefits. The few of the benefits are mentioned below,

  • By using the Citi credit card you can make your payments anywhere in the world
  • You can also use the card outside your country with no extra charges
  • You can use the card wherever you go
  • The foreign transaction fees ranges from only 0% to 3%
  • There is no foreign exchange fees for the subsidiaries like Platinum card, World elite card, etc.
  • You will be get notified every time your card is used
  • You can able to redeem your rewards easily
  • You can earn your welcome bonus up to 1500 points
  • By using the card regularly you can earn bonus points
  • You have the additional benefit of becoming a priority customer
  • You can shop and pay your EMI by using your Citi credit card
  • You can choose your card as per your needs


Citibank is a multinational company which specializes in financial services. It is from the parental group of Citi group. The company was founded in the year 1812. The headquarters of the company is in New York. it has its branches all over in 19 countries.

Barbara Desoer is the chairman of the company. Sunil Garg is the chief executive officer of the company. Credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, commercial banking on lines of credit are the products of the Citibank. The official website of the company is www.citicards.com.

The branch has its branches all over the six metro politian areas in the U.S. The company has 2649 branches all over the world. The company has over 10,000 employees who works in service to the  Citi bank. Citigroup of companies is considered as the 4th largest bank in the America. The Citibank has almost 6500 ATM’s in the United states. To open an account in the city bank you must possess at least $100. Samuel Osgood is the founder of the Citibank.

FAQ’S  OF www.citicards.com:

  • Is Citibank a good bank?

Citibank is one of the largest banks in the United States and it rated  as the 4th best company  for its banking services. It has around 1300 branches and serves as a good bank in the United states.

  • Who is the founder of the Citibank?

Samuel Osgood is the founder of the Citibank association.

  • What is the minimum credit score to own a Citi credit card ?

To own a Citi credit card your credit score must be greater than 650

  • Which is the best credit card in Citibank?

Citi business and Citi advantage credit card or the best credit cards from the Citibank.

  • How can I activate my Citi credit card ?

You can activate your Citi credit card by using the  Citi mobile app or By logging in at Citi website or by calling the customer service.

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