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www.Jcpenneymastercard.com – JCPenney is a famous American department store chain which was founded on 14th April 1902 approx 100 19 years ago the company was founded by James Cash Penney. According to research, it was found that this company has a total of 689 branches.

JCPenney company is famous for the clothing cosmetic, electronics footwear furniture house their jewelry toys application and other things. The headquarters of this company was located in the US before 1966 the store was located in downtown areas because at that time the company was not so famous.


After 1966 the time has passed and now the company is very famous in the US having many branches also and connected with different companies and malls. There are a total of 90000 employees present in this company. All the employees are very good and have all the ideas of how to work.

This Bank provides their ka like debit card credit card and MasterCard whenever you make any purchase with the help of these all guards you will receive some cashback and rewards which you can easily use in your next transaction.

But due to some drastic changes in May 2020 the company is in the field for bankruptcy and in September 2020 the company was found Li shelled out by Brooke field assist manager and Simone property group they had decided to buy the company in 800 million dollar cash. the deal was final and also approved by our bankruptcy code because due to some known financial problem the company was not able to fulfill their loan that’s why the company has been bankrupt.

After bankruptcy, the company has been taken by two other groups which we have already discussed above. From that time the company has been growing very fast they both groups decided to run the company all things are going good the company was raising day by day but in 2020 due to some pandemic condition coronavirus JCPenney company has lost their shares approx 29% shares has been lost and 846 Store has been ended till 2021 covid-19.

How to apply for a JCPenney credit card

Let’s now see how to apply for this card this company has three types of card MasterCard debit card and the credit card you can easily apply this buy online method now let’s see what is the process;-

  • to apply for the card you have to visit the official site of this company which is www.Jcpenneymastercard.com. after visiting the official site there will be one page that appears of login and signup. If you are a new customer then click on the signup option.
  • Once you click on the signup option the new page will be open. kindly fill all the sections of that page respectfully. Keep in mind that upload your verification ID along with that form. After filling all the things which are required in the form, click on the continue button and accept terms and conditions.
  • After doing all this, you will receive a confirmation message in which your login ID and password will be sent to you kindly use the login ID and password for the login process keep in mind that don’t share your user id and password with anyone.
  • whenever you receive your login ID and password kindly go to the login session and put the login ID and password. After clicking on the next button, your account session page will appear you can easily see your transaction history and all the things there.
  • On the left side, there is an option available to apply for a card kindly go and click there once you click there they will redirect you to the new page and ask you some basic question like your name age house number address, and all other things you can also provide your annual income after giving all these things click on terms and condition and proceed to next.
  • Whenever you apply for a card, after filling in all the details you will receive a confirmation message on your phone and in the mail also
  • Buy this your card application has been processed and you will receive your card in 15 to 20 days after applying.

If you have any doubt in any query related to applying for the card you can kindly call customer care. They are very good and easily available to solve your problem. You can also contact customer care through mail or by text…

How to activate the card

Like another bank, this Bankcard also needs to activate for the activation process there a three methods: by online method, by telephonic conversation, or by mail.

Let’s see what is the process one by one first we are going to see what is the online method.

  • the online method you have to visit the official site of this bank once you visit the official site of this bank you will be able to log in to your account creation by putting your username and password.
  • after providing the username and password your account page will appear and on the left side, there is an option available to activate your card kindly go and click. After clicking there they will ask some basic questions like your card SSN employee ID and all others think to provide all the details carefully.
  • after providing all the details click on the next button by this process you can activate your card.

By telephonic conversation

you can also apply through telephonic conversation if you are feeling that there is some risk in online you can easily contact by this method for this you have to call to customer care number which is toll-free kindly call to customer care and they will ask you some basic question like what is your card number and what is the accession number expiry date of your card and all other things kindly provide all the details which they ask to you. after providing all the details soon you will receive your confirmation message.

You can also apply through the mail by giving your card a last six digit number and you have to also give in the expiry date of your card validation data and send it to customer care mail soon you will receive a confirmation message regarding your card has been activated.

this is all for today, still you having some doubts kindly give your query in the comment box. we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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