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www.lillycardactivation.com – Lilly  is a saving card program which is available in online. The Lilly savings  is a  commercial insurance company. Lilly is a banking designed for freelancers. You can save on your taxes that are paid using the Lilly card. Your savings account will be under your control. There will be no  account fees and no minimum balance.

 www.lillycardactivation.com – Get Benefit

By using the mobile app you can save your time. You can also manage your expenses by using the Lilly mobile app. You will also provided with the reports of your savings and expenses. You can use your account to the fullest by paying no extra account fees.

You must have your card on your hand every time you make purchase by using Lilly card. On your lily savings card there will be a printed RxGroup and Rx Id number on the front side of your card.

In case of any doubts you can feel free to call the help center by the number given in your Lilly savings card.  The card is issued only in the United States.  To apply for the card you must be at least 18. If you are younger than that then you must need a permission letter from your parents or your gaurdian.

You can pay your prescription either by part or you can settle it fully. For any purpose of using the card you will be first asked with your RX group number and your RX Id so remember it carefully


           To get a Lilly card is very easy. Follow the below steps to get your Lilly card

  • As the Lilly card is free for all the users you no need to pay any registration fees
  • First you need to visit the official website of the www.lillysavingscard.com/activate 
  • Now click yes for  the activation of your card  
  • Now you need to enter your card details such as your last eight digits of the card number, Expiry date of the card, NRIC or passport number
  • Now enter your RX group number that is printed on the front side of your Lilly card
  • Now it is the time for you to enter your 12 digit RX ID number printed on your savings card
  • Now enter all the details and check it
  • After completion of your details click submit
  • After submission you will receive a message that you have been successfully activated your Lilly savings card 
  • The message ensures that you have activated your card successfully
  • Or otherwise you can call to the customer station 1 – 866 – 923 – 1953


  • Before applying for the Lilly savings card you must make a glance of the terms and conditions
  • If you are facing any problem you must contact the customer service station number that is mentioned on your Lilly savings card
  • Your health information and your bio information must be true and accurate
  • If your card have stolen or lost we would be blocking it only when you make a proper notice to the company
  • Otherwise the company do not take the responsibility of the card
  • If you do not agree to  the terms and services then you are not allowed to use your card
  • The information that are displayed on the site or only for the purpose of helping the patients
  • An individual can get the maximum of only one card
  • The website may contain third party sites which the company cannot take the responsibility
  •  Using of the third party sites or websites is only your personal which the company cannot involve in it
  • Using off the third party sites is only your own risks and Lilly is not responsible for that
  • The company allows you to print the pages only for personal involvements are not for commercial
  • Only on the advice off your healthcare advisor you can be able to print the details at our home page

BENEFITS OF USING LILLY Of www.lillycardactivation.com

  • As a member of Lilly savings card you can get insulin at $35.
  • You can download your card without any fees.
  • It allows anyone in the United states to insure commercially.
  • For the ones who do not have insurance can fill their prescription at Lilly for insurance at $35.
  • It is one of the most effective programs in the United states.
  • The solution center of the Lily savings is opened from Monday to Friday  Of www.lillycardactivation.com.
  • There is also a separate section for diabetes bad diabetes patients can get the card by using their mail address.
  • Lilly concerns only the welfare of its customers as it is one of the non profit organization.
  •  The company provides insulin for low cost


 Lilly is the abbreviated form of Eli Lilly and company. It   is an American pharmaceutical company. The headquarters of the Lilly is in Indianapolis. It was founded in the year 1876. The founder of the company is Col. Eli Lilly. He is a veteran army person.

Lilly’s products are shipped to more than 125 countries of the world. The Chief executive director of the company is David A. Ricks. The company is best in providing high quality pharmaceutical products to its customers. The company respects it’s consumers in a great manner.

The company serves it’s services for more than 40 million people all over the world. The company has its main offices in more than 18 countries. The main product of the company is pharmaceutical drugs or medicines.

FAQ’S Of www.lillycardactivation.com

  • What is the rank of the lilies in the Forbes global 2000 list ?

            The company was ranked 123rd on the Forbes global list 2019 under 221st on the Forbes global list 2000

What are the main products of the Eli Lilly and company ?

            Providing pharmaceutical drugs to the people is the main service of the Eli Lilly and company

  •  Where is Eli Lilly and company located ?

               The company is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

  • What kind of Insulin does Lilly make ?

               Lilly makes Humalog and Lispro insulin injections . The are used in controlling the blood sugar level

  • What is the rate of the Insulin ?

               Eli Lilly and company provides insulin at the rate of $35 if they own a savings card. For others it may be up to $175   

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