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www.Ruscreditcard.com : Toys ‘R’ us is an American retailer company that sold toys and toys-related items. It is one of the outstanding toy retailers shops in the United States. This firstly emerges as a small retailer shop and it develops into a big one by the effort of the founder. Its founder is Charles Lazarus and the CEO of this store is Yehuda Shmidman. This headquarters is at Wayne, New Jersey, USA 



This store was first initiated in 1948 by Charles Lazarus. This is a company that is privately owned. This company makes a deal with Synchrony bank and issues a card which is called as toys ‘R’ us a card. 

        This toys ‘R’ us card was officially announced by synchrony bank and it is used as a card on toys r us card and where master cards are approved 

         This card gives comfort to your payments on any purchase, particularly at this r us store. First, this card is created only for toys r us store than it is acceptable anywhere where master cards are accepted.

          If you are a formal buyer of toys r us store then apply for it and get this card to enjoy exciting new rewards

          It needs also a card activation procedure after getting your card. This article is fully formulated for you to help your card activation procedure 

        First of all, let us see some rules and regulations of this card

Rules and Regulations:

  • For online methods, you must have electronic gadgets like Internet devices with a net connection
  • For participation, you must be 18+ to make a part in it
  • Citizens of the United States only be able to apply for this card
  • For card application, your particulars are required
  • There is no account is required for card application 
  • Have a good fluent in speaking the English language
  • You must legally agree with all the terms and conditions given by them
  • If you are not accepting all the terms and conditions then you are not able to apply for this card and get it

How to apply toys ‘R’ us card:

  •  There are two factors used to apply for this card 
  • The first method is by visiting the web link provided by the authorized website and open the homepage
  • Then from the menu, you may able to see the “want a card ” option
  • On that option, there is an apply now box available
  • Click the “apply now” option and enter into it
  • Then if you are a first-time card applies of this card then fill in the necessary box and click proceed
  • Then you need to give personal data and some needed id proofs with your scanned photocopy and submit it
  • Thereupon you will get your card soon
  • There is also an alternative method available for this card application that is by going to the nearby store and register it
  • Then instructor of that store will guide you to fill the application
  • You have to give your all private credentials and agree with the terms of use bestowed by them 
  • After that, your application is finished you will receive your card shortly 


      Two methods are available for your card activation. Both the methods are very similar to other card activation. The methods are

  • Activating via online website
  • By calling support services

www.Ruscreditcard.comActivating via the online website:

  • On this procedure, you have to go to the web link of the official website and open it to the homepage
  • Then you have to sign up for your account by providing the necessary particulars
  • Then click register my card option  Of www.Ruscreditcard.com
  • Then after sign up enter all the card needs and personal details on the following page
  • Then create a user id and passkey for your card login and verify it
  • Then click the register and activate the option
  • Enter the authentication message sent to you and verify it
  • After that, your card is activated and you may use it

By calling support services:

  • There is an alternative method available to get I initiate your card that you have to make a call to the customer support services
  • Dial- 1-855-389-2365
  • They will inform about the card initiation procedure and terms and conditions available on it 
  • You have to agree with the terms of use 
  • Then they will ask for your card credentials and private particulars you have to give these details with your necessary proof
  • Then they will ask about registration
  • Then you have to set your user id and passkey
  • Then your card is initiated and it is inclined to manipulate

Sign in:

  • This sign-in is manageable to do
  • It is done by visiting the online website and open the homepage
  • www.toysrus.com.sg 
  • Then click on the sign-in option available
  • Then enter your created user id and passkey for security purposes
  • Then you will able to manage your card details and you will make payments with it
  • If you are not able to remember your passkey or id then you may reset it by touching forgot option and by giving details and a new id and password you may reset it 


  • If you purchase at this store for $1 then you may able to earn bonus points of 2
  • If you purchase at this store for $5 then you may able to get a bunch of reward points of 125
  • If you make other purchases you may get one point where master cards are approved
  • If you make purchases on Thursday you will get a 10% offer 

Contact address:

         To clarify all your qualms then you may make a call to the support services 

   Dial – 1-855-389-2365

Email address:


Conclusion: Of www.Ruscreditcard.com

         This card is the best card for your purchase at the toys r us shop and gives bunches of advantages. I dream this writing will be very useful for you to identify the card initiation procedures available for toys r us cards.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to make an order by using the card?

Answer:   There are two ways available that is by calling the given number (dial-1-087-234-8697 ) and by mail to the address given by them.

  • What are the items sold on toys r us store?

Answer:   Mainly toy items are sold in this store that is dolls, animals, sweet toys, cars, trucks, buses, bikes, game dilemmas, etc.

  • Whether I have to redeem the reward points?

Answer:   Yes. We have to redeem the reward points at the time of check out. These redeem times vary from your purchase limit. 

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